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Marc Lacy (Poet)

Marc Lacy is a multifaceted individual with a diverse range of talents and accomplishments. He holds a cum laude degree in mechanical engineering from Alabama A&M University (AAMU), where he was also a prominent member of the men's varsity basketball team. During his time at AAMU, Marc's dynamic presence led him to be a sought-after speaker, enhancing student life and morale through engaging presentations.

A true embodiment of a "left and right brain" personality, Marc's daytime role involves contingency planning, engineering, and logistics, while his evenings are dedicated to his roles as a speaker, writer, producer, and CEO of AVO Publishing, LLC. Under his guidance, AVO Publishing has brought forth a diverse array of literary works and audio recordings.

Marc Lacy's artistic prowess shines through his captivating poetry and spoken word performances. With a national reputation, he's recognized for his smooth-flowing lyrics and creative expression. His thirteen published literary works spanning multiple genres, along with seven spoken word CDs, reflect his versatile approach and passion for his craft.

As an influential figure, Marc Lacy has hosted numerous events and delivered keynote speeches, demonstrating his ability to connect with audiences on various levels. He maintains a strong online presence through his Facebook Fanpage "Marc Lacy Speaker, Writer, and Producer," as well as livestreaming videos titled "SoapBoxin'" across various social media platforms.

Throughout his journey, Marc acknowledges that his achievements are rooted in the love, grace, and blessings of God Almighty, as well as the unwavering support of his family. With a compelling blend of engineering expertise and artistic flair, Marc Lacy continues to inspire and impact diverse spheres through his dynamic talents and engaging presentations.

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