Crescendo (Clairvoyance – Poetic Vault Series) by Marc Lacy

Crescendo (Clairvoyance – Poetic Vault Series) by Marc Lacy

Crescendo – Lyrics that Make You Reach Your Poetic Peak is a piece of poetic art that has been carefully crafted to tickle the reader’s lyrical fancy. Words jump off the page and mercilessly block the reader’s peripheral vision so that they have no choice but to be laser-focused on the flow directly in front of them.

Often time the poetry requires reading twice simply because the question will be spawned to the tune of, “Did he really say that?”

Crescendo is one of seven poetry books whose contents have been supplied mostly by the remaining poetry within Marc Lacy’s vault. It entails previously unreleased poems as well as a few newer ones.

The reader will certainly be able to tell the distinct difference between Lacy’s writing of the old and the style of the present day.

With a wide range of subject matter, this literary work comprised of 77 original poems, is sure to challenge the reader to look at life situations from multiple perspectives. Crescendo is all about mental elevation, colorful takes, and a serious stirring of the soul.

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