EDC Creations Services

BAN Radio Show
BAN Radio Show offers a diverse group of international authors a chance to showcase their books to thousands readers weekly.
Black Pearls Magazine
Black Pearls Magazine, is an award-winning (AALAS) online literary destination for thousands bookclubs and social network fans around the globe.
Sankofa Literary Society
Sankofa Literary Society consists of librarians, 80 established bloggers, 15 independent bookstores, 45 reviewing book clubs and has over 2,700 members online & offline.
Storytellers Book Tour
Tell the world that your book is out. We share your news with readers of Black Pearls Magazine, BAN Radio Show fans and via our eblast to 165,000 readers.
Seducing The Pen Tour
Audio and video are used to bring your message alive across the web. The tour includes book reviews, author interviews and a spotlight at Black Pearls Magazine.
Pearl Pages
Share a reading from your book with readers across all social media platforms. We create a mini-webpage with your book details, author's interview and audio book preview. The pages are promoted to millions of readers via social media.

Why EDC Creations Media

Herstory of EDC Creations

EDC Creations Media Group has evolved from a one-person event planning operation to one of the nation’s leading African American woman owned, Internet publicity and book promotion firms. Ella Curry, the owner, has spent years studying, researching and creating relationships with publishing industry professionals as well as forging a unique bond with the foundation of the publishing world— the avid readers.

While our expansion from boutique event planning and brand consultant agency to a multi-faceted public relations firm has greatly expanded the directory of our services and recognition, the fundamental driving force behind everything we do is a dedication to improve literacy, establish our clients as leaders and to expand the literary territory of our clients.

Adding a 360 degree view of the industry is easy, Ella Curry has been a bookstore buyer for the legendary Karibu Books book chain, literary director for A Good Books independent bookstore, award winning Internet radio host, digital magazine publisher, corporate event planner and avid reader for 35 years.

Why We Care

We believe every writer should be able to share their stories with the world! If we don’t use our own voice and our own platforms to speak our truth…someone else will. We are here to help develop your brand so that you can share your greatness around the world.

Fantastic and memorable marketing and branding is the product of a clear vision, and nobody knows more about vision than authors and small business owners. But, with limited resources, creating a brand identity and delivering it to the media can be tricky. 

Fortunately, building brand awareness on the Internet doesn’t need to take a lot of money or resources, but it requires a strong foundation, a good plan and a invest of your time. 

We Are Here for You

Let us help you take your company to the top of the heap. Let us take you to where the savvy 21 century consumer now lives– online. We want our voices to be heard from the highest peaks. Literature, poetry, art, and music all define us as a people and leave a remarkable legacy! We feel as if it’s our job to help you become a part of history!

EDC Creations is the parent company of the Sankofa Literary Society, the Black Authors Network Radio Show and Black Pearls Magazine.

The Sankofa Literary Society empowers independent and/or self-published authors through mentoring programs.

The popular Black Authors Network radio program offers new authors a chance to showcase their books to thousands of international readers weekly.

Black Pearls Magazine, is an online literary destination for thousands bookclubs and social network fans around the globe.

Check out all of our retainer packages

EDC Creations can be hired on retainer to act as your virtual assistant, publicist, arranging interviews, syndicating your work, promoting your books across the Internet, coaching authors on the most effective ways to reach their target audience and secure media presentations for the book. Contact us today to discuss your company's plan to increase your brand awareness and viral marketing. We will work with one author or as many as 10 authors at one time!

Services for Authors and Publishers

New Release Eblast
$150One Time Fee
  • Great package to announce upcoming events, book tours or to launch a new service. Small business owners can send out sales or upcoming product launch information.
  • Sent to 90,000 Readers and Bloggers
  • 15-Minutes BAN Radio Interview
  • 50-Social Media Announcements
  • 30 Days Social Media Promotion
  • 30 Days Black Pearls Magazine Blog
  • 60 Days Book Store Showcase
  • One Blast for One Author
  • Up to 3 Books on 1 Banner
  • 69.9% Current Open Rate
  • Check out sample eblasts and newsletters. Use the button below to upgrade your BAN Radio Interview to 30 minutes or to add a Pearl Page audio presentation to this promotion.
Eblast to 90k+ Readers
Storytellers Tour
  • 2 Month Campaign Includes Eblast Package sent to 120k Librarians, Reviewers, Bloggers and Readers.
  • This is a great resource for new authors and for publishing houses to announce new book releases. If you write a book series, this is a way to share at least 3 books at one time.
  • Small business owners can use this package to share their products across social media for 60 days. This package can be adapted to fit any business that has a target audience that includes lovers of books, music, plays, movies or the arts.
  • The eblast will be promoted on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for 60 days. All packages start on the 1st of the month.
  • Cover Reveal Campaign
  • Social Media Visual Ad Campaign
  • Book Added to Online Bookstore
  • BAN Radio - 30 Minutes Interview
  • 30 Days - Black Pearls Magazine
  • 30 Days - Mobile Book Club Blasts
  • 30 Days - Crown Holders Front Page
  • 30 Days - Smore Media Room Promotion
Seducing The Pen
  • 3 Month Campaign Includes Eblast Package sent to 165k+ Online Media Sources, Librarians, Reviewers, Bloggers, Booktubers, Bookstore owners and Readers.
  • This is a full scale marketing and promotions plan that can be used to launch any book or product related to the publishing industry. Audio and video are a major part of this campaign.
  • Cover Reveal Campaign
  • Social Media Visual Ad Campaign
  • Book Added to Online Bookstore
  • BAN Radio - 60 Minutes Interview
  • 60 Days - Black Pearls Magazine
  • 60 Days - Mobile Book Club Blasts
  • 60 Days - Crown Holders Front Page
  • 60 Days - Smore Media Room Promotion
  • Coming Soon Alert Sent 165,00 Readers
  • My Book is Out Alert Sent 165,00 Readers
  • 1-Year Crown Holder Author Profile
  • 1-Year Crown Holder Speakers Bureau
  • 1-Page in Printed Black Pearls Magazine
  • 10-Hours Coaching with EDC Creations
  • Instagram Takeover - Interview & Chat
  • Pearl Page Sent to 400+ Book Club Presidents
  • Relaunch Campaign Price $250.00 for 2 months
Level Up Takeover
  • 5 Month Campaign Includes Eblast Package sent to 165k+ Online Media Sources, Librarians, Reviewers, Bloggers, Booktubers, Bookstore owners and Readers.
  • Cover Reveal Facebook Boosted Post Ad
  • Social Media Visual Ad Campaign
  • Book Added to Online Bookstore
  • BAN Radio - 2 Hour Launch Party
  • 3 Months - Black Pearls Magazine
  • 3 Months - Mobile Book Club Blasts
  • 3 Months - Crown Holders Front Page
  • 3 Months - Smore Media Room Promotion
  • 2-Coming Soon Alerts Sent 165,00 Readers
  • 1-Year Crown Holder Author Profile
  • 1-Year Crown Holder Speakers Bureau
  • 2-Pages in Printed Black Pearls Magazine
  • 25-Hours Coaching with EDC Creations
  • Pearl Page Sent to 400+ Reading Groups
  • Book Review Submission to 20 Reviewers
  • Deal of the Day Alert for Amazon Days
  • Instastory Video Book Promotions
  • Instagram Takeover and Video Ads
  • Facebook and Instagram Ad Graphics
  • Contest and Facebook Live Chat
  • Unlimited Social Media Mentions
  • Book Included in EDC Literary Trunk Show
  • Promotional Material in EDC Mail-outs
  • Black Books Weekend Featured Speaker
  • Featured at BAN Radio Online Holiday Events
  • Relaunch Campaign Price $450.00 for 3 months

Online Marketing and Promotion

Let us tell the world your book is out!

What We Offer

EDC Creations and its partners are proud to provide authors with the most comprehensive selection of Web 3.0 marketing and promotion services in the industry today. Below, you will find the various programs and services that we have put together to help you create a buzz and ultimately generate demand for your book.





Visit the main tour page here: https://www.smore.com/9yzf

Your Are Not Alone!

Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you feel as if you are being left behind? Want to get more publicity for your book, publishing house, small business, online radio show, etc.?  Let’s us do the foot work and you focus on the creative side of publishing. You are not alone!

Hiring a public relations firm for your book is the right thing to do! You need to have a professional who can create the right professional image for you and your book. 

Digital marketing and social media networking have fundamentally changed how we do business and work with our target readers and consumers. Don’t get left behind by not seeking professional help. We are here for you, committing to unparalleled service for each client. We are stakeholders in your future too!

During your campaign our team will work on your pitches and media kit, building your brand, increasing your territory, submitting press releases/articles, connecting you with the  “go to people",  creating online speaking events for you, and everything else required to get you the publicity you deserve.

EDC Creations offers complete marketing assistance to the new author ready to release their first book or for indie publishers who need more help with their exposure to their target audience. No business is too small or too large to benefit from partnering with us.

We offer proven, cutting-edge approaches to online book promotion including virtual book launches, eblasts, blog tours, social networking, Amazon review campaigns, online media kits, blog promotion, article placement, and more.

Campaign Management

An online book marketing and PR campaign requires a high level of dedication on the part of the author. Establishing quality communication with the PR team, that ultimately reflects your unique voice, will be essential.

Our communication skills, combined with our loyal partnerships, are the tools that will build massive followings and long-term relationships for our clients and their readers.

A variety of cutting-edge strategies will be used daily to continuously build a strong brand, pinpoint your target audience and to connect you with people interested in your message. These activities are focused on building a loyal following of people who will purchase your book and tell others to do the same.

Every book we work with is unique, it has it’s own voice and message, so every book deserves a unique campaign. Please email us with any questions at:  elladcurry@edc-creations.com.  We welcome your business!