ReQuiem (Clairvoyance – Poetic Vault Series) by Marc Lacy

ReQuiem: Poetic Canticles Producing Personal Revivals offers a creative hardline approach to everyday and ordinary life situations that people may endure from time to time.

Although it tends to pull no punches in the aims of the poetry, it can easily be deemed a sweet escape from the harsh conclusions that life can sometimes present. Lacy journeys to the edges of the creative window with which God has blessed him and creates a figurative-looking glass through which the reader can gaze intensely at the messages.

Once the eyes zero in on the stanzas, the rhythm of the rhymes are locked into a sequence of beats like a metronome. In essence, the flow is so silky that no head will go unbobbed.

ReQuiem provides the reader with 73 opportunities to catch the flow, feel the vibes, and get moved to a higher version of self through the lyrics. This particular collection is a beneficiary of Marc Lacy’s timeless vault of poetic secrets. He reached way back in the stash to pull pieces that have been highly anticipated. But alas, there are also a few new pieces and yes, one will also be able to tell them apart based on the writing style.

ReQuiem is like a rent-a-car, once you pick it up, it can take you anywhere you want to go…that is…if you stay focused on the smooth highway of pages that awaits you. Check out the entire Poetic Vault Series –