How Women of Color Master the Art of Persuasion to Win Big Battles by Dr. Raye Mitchell

How do women master a plan to rise up and beat the odds in an age of workplace disruptions and corporate invisibility at the leadership table for Black women in all sectors? America is facing a leadership crisis of insufficient women in general and an absence of Black women in particular in the C-suite at major Fortune 500 companies. In addition, the #MeToo movement and the eruption of the Times Up initiative promise to shift the balance of power and forge new definitions of equality and inclusion for women in general. Now more than ever, women and Black women in particular need to hone their leadership, power, and influence skills in all sectors in order to beat the odds.

This book is about women and Black women influencers who want to be at the top of their games and master the art of persuasion and know that leveraging grace under fire is both a skill and an art. In this book, Raye Mitchell, Esq., a Harvard Law School trained attorney, speaker, negotiator, and power and influence expert, utilizes over 30 years of legal and business acumen in negotiation and persuasion to share some of the inside secrets of what it takes to maintain integrity when locked in the tough negotiations and critical battles we encounter every day as we engage in a wide range of power struggles to advance ourselves.

In an age in which the emphasis is on outrageous behavior, the Trump presidency and its legacy demonstrate the urgent need for women to master their persuasion skills in order win big battles. While numerous books cover the subject of persuasion in general, few examine the subject matter through the perspectives of women and Black women, our experiences, and our journey to become highly effective persuaders and influences.

Few of us could imagine getting away with the antics of Trump that emboldened his candidacy and have persisted into his tenure as President.

This book is a quick read and primer that is part of the expanding How Women Master series offered by Raye Mitchell. This series provides insights and an integrated journal all in one place. Focused on assisting women in general and Black women in particular, this book, the book series, and the interactive companion workbooks and courses help them beat the odds.