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Patricia A. Saunders

Patricia A. Saunders, an award-winning self-published author, has forged a remarkable literary path from her roots in Connecticut to her current residence in the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area. The turning point in her life came in 2006 with the passing of her mother, a victim of Alzheimer's. In response, Patricia decided to immortalize her thoughts and experiences through the power of words. Fueling her ambition with a Master’s in Management from the University of Phoenix (2011), she commenced her writing journey in 2012, letting her mantra "Letting the words flow until the pen stops" guide her.

Patricia's works have graced prestigious events such as the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, Toronto Word On The Street, Sacramento Black Book Fair, and more. As a certified motivational speaker, she passionately addresses women’s issues, empowerment, and grief. Her literary contributions extend to her monthly blog, "Blessed & Curvy," covering contemporary topics.

The trajectory of Patricia's writing career is marked by impactful releases. "Through the Fire" (2012) explored emotions and life lessons, followed by "Loving Me" (2013) and "Let It Rain" (2014), both self-published gems delving into love, grief, self-image, and self-esteem. "This Too Shall Pass" (2016), released by AuthorHouse Publishing, earned a stellar five-star rating from readers. Patricia's memoirs, "There is Sunshine After The Rain" (2018), "Four Seasons Of Love" (2020), and "Saying Goodbye" (2023) further showcase her diverse storytelling. Her seventh book, "Saying Goodbye," stands as a poignant memoir dedicated to her late sister, Barbara Williams who passed away from metastatic lung cancer which led to liver cancer.

In addition to her literary pursuits, Patricia is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Her seventh book, "Saying Goodbye," stands as a poignant memoir dedicated to her late sister. Beyond her writing endeavors, she enjoys traveling, quality family time, and indulging in the art of wine tasting. Patricia A. Saunders continues to inspire and uplift through her compelling words and motivational presence.


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