Saying Goodbye by Patricia A. Saunders

Saying Goodbye by Patricia A. Saunders

Have you lost someone?
Have you experienced grief?
Are you trying to pick up the pieces?
Saying Goodbye is the book for you!


In the heartfelt pages of her memoir, Patricia A. Saunders, the youngest in a family of thirteen siblings, reveals the profound reverberations of losses to cancer that have left an indelible mark on her life.

Within her narrative, she sensitively explores the depths of grief accompanying the departure of a cherished family member, navigating the distinctive connection between the eldest and the youngest. Patricia eloquently traces the path toward accepting her sister’s passing, bravely sharing the intimate details of her personal journey.

In this courageous exploration, Patricia extends solace and inspiration to those grappling with the challenge of saying goodbye to their loved ones, fostering a sense of comfort and resilience in the face of loss.

Patricia A. Saunders is an author, poet, blogger, and motivational speaker. Visit her website at

Saying Goodbye by Patricia A Saunders