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Invisible No More. Empowering Young Black Women and Girls to Rise-Up as Leaders by Raye Mitchell Esq.

From Raye Mitchell, Esq., a Harvard Law Schoo ltrained attorney, award-winning activist, humanitarian, fierce advocate for young Black women and girls, and founder of the G.U.R.L.S. Rock and G.U.R.L.S. Lead Global Leadership programs, comes a compelling book designed to assist those striving to support young Black women and girls as they rise up as global leaders.

For so many, the passion to empower our girls to become leaders is personal, and we continually seek practical and innovative insights into how to help achieve the vision of equality and inclusion for Black women and girls at the leadership table in all sectors. With information that is comprehensive and all in one place yet quick and easy to read and digest, this book delivers a plan of action, not just a description of the status quo.

From the schoolroom to the boardroom, there is a national crisis of invisibility for Black women and girls. While highly visible, in general, millions of Black women and girls are virtually invisible at the leadership table in America. The number of African-American chief executive officers is so low that we are losing the race to achieve real diversity in the traditional and the newly forming notions of the C-suite.

Invisible No More. Empowering Young Black Women and Girls To Rise Up as Leaders is intended to inspire and provoke action to address the leadership crisis facing corporate and non-corporate America related to the urgent need for diversity, the inclusion of Black women in leadership, and a substantial pipeline of leaders that puts Black girls in line to move forward. Included in the book is a preview of a leadership book written by Black girls delivering thoughtful peer-to-peer leadership insights.

The work, entitled #I Lead Like a Girl, is a testament to the strength, creative genius, ambition, and can-do attitude embodied in all Black girls when they are empowered to lead and effect change. All sales proceeds fund leadership and C-suite training boot camps for young Black women and girls.