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How Women Negotiate from a Position of Strength. Protecting Brand and Intellectual Property Rights by Raye Mitchell, Esq.

This book and the “How Women Master” book series are part of the growing compendium of works generated to address the unmet needs of millions of women who seek to thrive, to master the art of rising up, and to excel with new skills to conquer new challenges and accomplish amazing breakthroughs. Derived from years of research, experience, and lessons learned along the way from leaders like Michelle Obama and a host of high-profile influencers, this book comes from Raye Mitchell, Esq., a Harvard Law School-trained attorney, speaker, negotiator, and power and influence expert, who has taken over 30 years of legal and business experience in marketing, branding, and intellectual property litigation as a trial attorney and compacted the secrets she has learned along the way into this power and influence leadership training series.

Focused on building core expertise in fortifying your personal brand and mastering negotiation and deal-making skills, this unique master series will enable the reader to become the ultimate influencer, brander, and persuader. With books designed to work separately and together, this series provides maximum flexibility in a limited amount of time and propels the reader to not just lean in but rise up to beat the odds by deploying outside-the-box thinking and strategies and forward-moving action plans.

Each work in this book series can stand alone, but when taken as a whole, the series presents quick and easy-to-digest go-to strategies, tips, and insider secrets to assist the reader as she seeks to master her journey forward. The book series also offers companion workbooks for various workshops, seminars, and master classes offered by Raye Mitchell and The Winning Edge Institute.

We welcome everyone to the learning table. This book series is for every woman who wants to be an effective influencer and make a difference in a noisy world of competing issues and opportunities. It is not only for lawyers. If you want to make a difference, your personal brand is your calling card that will connect you to success, influence, and impact. Protecting and leveraging a strong brand are the ultimate competitive advantages. Branding is critical leverage that enhances negotiation strength in all low-and high-stakes transactions, interactions, and exchanges. In fact, the most controversial and unconventional candidate in the history of presidential elections ran an entire campaign based on his personal brand.

As the Stormy Daniels scandal continues to emerge alleging to link and now President Trump to an affair with the adult film star, we have learned that someone valued protecting Trump’s brand not for the mere $130,000 allegedly paid in hush money to Ms. Daniels, but for the harm her story might inflict upon Mr. Trump’s brand. It is alleged that a violation of the hush money agreement carried a penalty of $ 1,000,000 per incident. Such penalty demonstrates the intense efforts to protect the Trump brand.

Whether you are a woman making decisions early in your career, a mid-level manager, or a rising C-suite executive, How Women Negotiate from a Position of Strength is a quick and handy primer and interactive journal that you will want to keep handy as you rise up in leadership. It is a tool to help the reader beat the odds and negotiate from a position of strength and leverage. This is a must-have series if you care about protecting your most valuable intellectual property: your personal brand.