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Curse of the Whiskey House: When Life is the Principle and Death is the Practice (Whiskey House Trilogy Book 1) by Marc Lacy

Curse of the Whiskey House: When Life is the Principle and Death is the Practice (Whiskey House Trilogy Book 1) by Marc Lacy


An Intriguing Tale of Heritage, Treachery, and Redemption in the Heart of Hawthorne County

In the small yet historically significant city of Lazarus, nestled within the Bible Belt of Hawthorne County, Alabama, a captivating story unfolds. Marc Lacy’s riveting novel, “Curse of the Whiskey House,” takes readers on a journey through the tangled web of heritage, history, religion, and the enigmatic allure of whiskey. As the first installment of “The Whiskey House Trilogy,” this tale weaves together intricate characters and an atmospheric backdrop to explore the profound impact of choices and the weight of curses.

At the center of this narrative stands Lazarus, a city once renowned for being a sanctuary for Buffalo Soldiers, now forever intertwined with its thriving whiskey industry. The dichotomy between the celebrated Hawthorne County Whiskey Stop and its sinister counterpart, the Hawthorne County Whiskey House, sets the stage for a gripping exploration of good and evil. Samuel Justice, the esteemed Mayor of Lazarus, holds secrets aplenty, and the whiskey house’s malevolent influence casts a shadow over the entire community.

Reverend Jackson Jones, the spiritual leader of the Central Baptist Church, finds himself paradoxically connected to the whiskey house’s disturbing legacy. Whispers of a curse haunt the city, as unease and apprehension envelop the lives of its inhabitants. An old adage rings true: “Once you enter the whiskey house, if you should ever come out, your life goes south.” A foreboding prophecy looms, yet remains shrouded in silence, waiting for a reckoning.

Detective Brock Taylor emerges as the city’s beacon of hope, tasked with unraveling the mysteries and confronting the curse head-on. Can he break the chains of darkness and restore hope to lives scarred by the whiskey house’s maleficence? Or will he, too, become ensnared by its vengeful grasp? In a place where the supernatural meets the tangible, salvation and destruction hang in the balance, challenging the very fabric of faith and courage.

“Curse of the Whiskey House” is the inception of a trilogy that promises an electrifying saga. With “Viral Xgressions” and “The Ghost of Ace Honeycutt” to follow, Marc Lacy crafts a thought-provoking narrative that delves deep into societal issues, interlacing them with a diverse cast of characters and rich backstory. The anticipation surrounding this trilogy has been building for three years, and readers can expect a series of gripping page-turners that provoke introspection.

Lacy poses a question that resonates far beyond the confines of fiction: When faced with moral dilemmas and community injustices, do we dare to intervene? In a world where victims often suffer in silence and witnesses hesitate to act, the story challenges us to reconsider our role. As events unfold in Hawthorne County, readers are prompted to examine their own capacity for courage and sacrifice, urging us to transcend fear in the face of malevolence.

Prepare to be captivated by Marc Lacy’s “Curse of the Whiskey House.” Step into a world where heritage, darkness, and redemption converge, and where the boundaries between good and evil blur. Welcome to Hawthorne County, where the spirits of the past and the choices of the present collide in a battle for the city’s very soul.

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