Beatific Ambrosia (Clairvoyance – Poetic Vault Series) by Marc Lacy

Beatific Ambrosia (Clairvoyance – Poetic Vault Series) by Marc Lacy

Beatific Ambrosia, Love Poetry that Baptizes You into a Paradigm of Euphoria, makes appreciating sensual writing that much easier. Just look at those beautiful models on the cover. Their essence is represented to a tee within the poetry that resides in this book.

Beatific Ambrosia talks about numerous issues surrounding the subject of love. The intended purpose of the poetry is to get the reader deep into their feelings and pull them into an introspective phase. While in this phase, the reader has the perfect opportunity to assess their own love life and situations in which the heart was prompted to make a decision.

This book contains 85 separate pieces of sensual poetic artwork that break down the good, bad, and ugly when it comes to matters of the heart.

Marc Lacy’s poetry vault was bursting at the seams with love poetry and Beatific Ambrosia gives many of those pieces a loving home. Once the cover is cracked, the reader is welcomed into the love house full of love poetry.


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