Ammunition (Clairvoyance – Poetic Vault Series) by Marc Lacy

Ammunition (Clairvoyance – Poetic Vault Series) by Marc Lacy

Ammunition – Poetry that Penetrates the Heart and Mind is a risky title, especially in this controversial day and age. However, it has been said that blessings are in close proximity to curses. And behind the cover, are 77 in-your-face lyrical blessings that give the reader no choice but to buckle up and partake of a heartfelt rhapsodic excursion.

With Ammunition, Lacy’s writing locks the mind in a solitarily confined container of realness and tosses away the key. However, this potent poetic elixir incorporates a nice helping of curveball themes, offbeat titles, and metaphors galore.

See, this is what happens when numerous unreleased poems are just waiting to be launched out of the vault-like eager racehorses in the starting stalls of a high-stakes derby. And it just so happens that Ammunition is one of the landing spots for the poetic content of Marc Lacy’s poetry vault.

The vault contained poetic works that were decades old. But this book is a combination of those historical pieces as well as a few new ones too. So, with an open heart and mind, Ammunition is guaranteed never to miss its figurative target, for it will take the reader directly to the bullseye.

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