Ghost of Ace Honeycutt – The Final Countdown: Either You Survive or You Simply Perish by Marc Lacy

Ghost of Ace Honeycutt – The Final Countdown: Either You Survive or You Simply Perish by Marc Lacy 

The third installment of the ever-popular Whiskey House Trilogy.

The City of Lazarus, once promising and thriving, now stands as a cautionary tale in the heart of Hawthorne County, deterring travelers from venturing into Central Alabama. The repercussions of the horrors that unfolded within the infamous Hawthorne County Whiskey House have plunged Lazarus into an unending downward spiral.

In recent years, the city has struggled relentlessly. The suspicion of a curse hanging over the whiskey house led to the tragic loss of LPD Detective Brock Taylor’s life as he valiantly tried to confront it. Amidst the town’s turmoil to break free from the nightmare, the violence and chaos went viral, amplifying Lazarus’s suffering. And with the manipulative ex-mayor Samuel Justice pulling the strings, schemes, manipulation, and even eliminations became the norm.

Ace Honeycutt, a local thug who met an unfortunate end in the whiskey house years ago, never found rest, either in body or spirit. Despite witnesses to his demise, his body disappeared amidst the chaos, yet his presence continued to haunt the town.

Despite being a religious town in the heart of the Bible Belt, Lazarus found itself entangled in the paranormal. Just as in life’s challenges, letting unwelcome thoughts linger can imprison the mind. Rationality struggles, ultimately yielding to the fact that serenity might demand a hefty ransom.

Only a few courageous individuals are willing to confront the curse head-on, despite the grim outlook for Lazarus. Pierre, the brother of fallen Detective Brock Taylor; Destiny, the aunt of fallen Brooklyn Fontroy; and Braxton, the town’s scapegoat, must navigate a treacherous path through the obstacles that hinder Lazarus’s progress.

Yet, one cannot help but question whether a malevolent spirit truly orchestrates their torment, or if their personal demons cast shadows over their every effort. Regardless, an arduous journey lies ahead, with the curse remaining a persistent threat.

Enter the Spooky Prophets Motorcycle Club, harboring relatives of Ace Honeycutt within its ranks. Born from the depths of Hawthorne County’s darkness, their mission is to obliterate all linked to Ace’s demise. While ordinarily a nuisance, some favor their quest to annihilate the whiskey house.

As the Spooky Prophets seek vengeance and Pierre, Brooklyn, and Braxton strive to break the curse, all while contending with the specter of Ace Honeycutt, is a clash inevitable? Can Lazarus and Hawthorne County endure another cataclysmic upheaval? Only time holds the answers.

Ghost of Ace Honeycutt completes the Whiskey House Trilogy, following the incendiary success of its predecessors, Curse of the Whiskey House and Viral Xgressions. In this installment, the pages whirl like a propeller on an airplane, maintaining the trilogy’s mystique with unexpected twists, turns, and surprises. Buckle up – you’ve been warned!


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