Ms. Missy: Bishop’s First Dog Longtale #2 by Duane Filer

Ms. Missy: Bishops First Dog is a true story concerning my familys first pet Ms. Missy the diva dog! 

Follow along as Bishop, oldest child of the Morrow household, learns the ins and outs of owning and taking care of a dog. Bishop has daily duties of feeding and caring for Ms. Missy, bathing her in the Morrow backyard with younger siblings, Maxine and Kelvin, and training Missy in the ways of the pet and human world. Time passes as both Missy and the Morrow family grows with additional kids. One day, Missy disappears, and young Bishop feels it is his fault because he scolded Missy too hard. Bishop feels terrible and fears she has run away for good. When Missy is finally found, she has a surprise of a lifetime for the Morrow family!

Ms. Missy: Bishops First Dog is Duane’s second children’s storybook from his upcoming seven-story LongTALES for ShortTAILS collection, following his recently published Fastjack Robinson.



Duane self-published his first book, Square Squire and the Journey to Dreamstate, in 2012; he published his second book, The Baby Boomers First-Hand/First-Year Guide to Retirement: 365 Days of Bliss in 2014. Duane also just completed a teens and young adult version of his first book entitled Square Squire and the Journey to Dreamstate: Squared Version 2.0 for Teens and Young Adults.


Duane can be contacted at, at his website (, or at Facebook or LinkedIn.