Overcoming Bias and Racism in Your Workplace: A Primer for Minorities in the Business World by Gregory L. Harris

Imagine a society where bias, prejudice, and past discrimination’s impact on employees doesn’t exist. Not reality. Overcoming Bias and Racism in Your Workplace helps everyone deal with the real world as it is.

Bias and Racism in our country won’t just slip away. It takes a combined effort to change patterns of beliefs and practices that have been fostered and entrenched for some centuries. Each person deals with these realities every day in their workspace to one degree or another.

Each individual can take a stand and make a way—converting one person at a time if necessary—while thriving in their job, career, and profession. We can accomplish that goal while being successful in our day-to-day work responsibilities. Not as a new burden, but in ways that make all of us better.

In a society dealing with overt racism in its daily atmosphere, Gregory L. Harris has written Overcoming Bias and Racism in Your Workplace with the intended goal to help you not just survive, but thrive, whether just starting out in a job, or in the middle of your career.

Information on how to accomplish your goals while maintaining who you are and who you want to be are between the pages of this book. It is a primer for steps in your business and relationships that will make a difference.

All that’s needed is you!