FOR YOU WOMAN: Spirit Jewels by Nathaniel Thurston (ME Author)

Since the beginning of time, there has been no greater gift than love. For You Woman: Spirit Jewels is a poetic expression of the four ways we experience love: through the mind, spirit, body, and soul.

As you dip into the dozens of fresh, imaginative poems in this collection, you’ll get swept away in a torrent of words vividly describing grand romantic gestures and dreams of the future. In “That Mystical Urge,” the author explores the deep, raw, and magical feelings of intimacy. “Could We” depicts the intensity and vulnerability of surrendering your heart. “The Big Bang” is a lyrical explosion of sensual intimacy and passion. And “The Oprean Empress” extols the virtues of Oprah Winfrey, the crown jewel of womanhood.

The book also includes several thought-provoking short stories and essays. “Sleeping Beauty” examines how darkness and ignorance can hinder any “princess” and how self-love conquers all. And “Love Letter” is addressed to the love not yet found but desperately desired.

Celebrating women, relationships, and the emotional phases of the heart, For You Woman: Spirit Jewels offers a transcendent journey for anyone seeking to indulge in the art of love.