Curse of the Whiskey House (Whiskey House Trilogy Book 1) by Marc Lacy

Jesus once saved Lazarus, but some wonder if the City of Lazarus is beyond saving. This historic Bible Belt homestead located in Hawthorne County, Alabama has a population of 45,000 and is nationally renowned for its fine whiskey. Lazarus, a lively city that was once a resting spot for the Buffalo Soldiers, has a lot of heritage, history, and religion. Maybe too much of each. The Hawthorne County Whiskey Stop, the city s most profitable tourist attraction, gets thousands of customers per year from in and out of town.


But the Hawthorne County Whiskey House, its counterpart, is anything but good and sacred. Just ask the beloved Mayor of Lazarus, Samuel Justice, who has enough skeletons in the closet to fill the local cemetery. The level of treachery and mayhem spawned within the whiskey house is uncharted despite the fact that Reverend Jackson Jones, the pastor of the Central Baptist Church, owns it. Many believe that a lot of spirits are uneasy and that a curse lingers around Lazarus and Hawthorne County because of the crass circumstances that surround the whiskey house.


There’s an old saying around Lazarus, Once you enter the whiskey house, if you should ever come out, your life goes south. There is also an eerie prophecy tied to the whiskey house that no one wants to acknowledge; they keep quiet about it hoping it will just disappear. Detective Brock Taylor is the only hope in saving Lazarus from total destruction. But will he be able to extinguish the curse and bring happiness back to the lives that have been maimed by the misgivings at the whiskey house? Or will he be another victim of the devastating curse?


This time, even Jesus may not want anything to do with Lazarus… Curse of the Whiskey House is the first book of an action packed trilogy called, The Whiskey House Trilogy.


The second book, Viral Xgressions, and the third, The Ghost of Ace Honeycutt will be as highly touted and action heavy as their predecessor, Curse of the Whiskey House. This immensely anticipated Trilogy is three years in the making. Poet/Author Marc Lacy takes a serious societal issue and cleverly implants it within a motley slate of characters, and laces it with a heavy backstory. This trilogy will challenge readers to question their perception of their own community after being impacted by this series of message sending page-turners.


WHEN YOU WITNESS SOMETHING TERRIBLY WRONG IN YOUR COMMUNITY, DO YOU DARE INTERVENE? Across the country, atrocities are committed daily, and sadly many go unreported. Victims are afraid to speak up and witnesses are hesitant to step in. People sound off on social media when incidents are portrayed as a national or international tragedy. However, it is easy to judge, rate, or provide commentary on an incident when there are no forces acting upon YOU.


But sometimes fate tips the scale to the negative side and you re forced to choose between what is right and what you re afraid of losing. Would you have the backbone to speak up and be the whistleblower then? If you failed miserably at being the Good Samaritan would you have the gall to try again in another situation?


If an entire community depended on your valor, honesty and courage even though a supernatural power is slowly pulling everyone around you into its dreadful curse – would you be inclined to become a part of the curse in order to defeat it? Hmmm… Welcome to Hawthorne County.