Crown Holder Treasure Boxes
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Crown Holder Treasure Boxes are book-of-the-month subscription boxes geared toward sharing independently published books as well as commercially published titles with readers who lack access to bookstores or other means of purchasing new books. We are here to introduce readers to authors they might not be aware of and to provide the reader with various genres of published titles.

We partnered with small press publishers, book wholesalers and major publishing imprints to bring our readers incredible books before they hit the shelves, out-of-print core books and books to fill your collection with the classics. We also offer digital selections too!

For those ordering the KID ZONE box, we aim to send your child books written by authors you may not know about yet, but should!  Our selection of children books is phenomenal.  Not just any children's books, but those that depict the diversity in children literature. We cater to our African American kids and the writers that represent them as well.

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Owner Tomeekha Pitre



Established in 2015, after five years of creating thank you note cards, invitations, menu cards and more for friends, family and myself.  In 2014, I began creating cards for referred clients.  Everyone I've designed for always commented how I should make this my business.  In March of 2015, that's exactly what I did.

I enjoy scrapbooking and making all sorts of cards.  What makes TOMEE CARD DESIGN so special is that each card is unique.  Love and attention to detail is put into each card.

TOMEE cards become keepsakes and pieces of art to the receiver.  Each card is hand crafted and assembled piece by piece.  Your guests will be talking about their TOMEE card months and years after they've received it.

The name of my company is a tribute to my father.

About Tomeekha Pitre


Tomeekha is a successful business professional within the corporate world of medical healthcare.  She is a zealot for multi-media art and community advocacy for artists. She has curated and represented emerging visual artists, produced theatre productions, and spearheads HUEMANITEE, Inc., a non-profit that focuses on visual, performing, and literary art education and its ability to heal the mind, body and soul.

Tomeekha is the co-owner of Black Cotton, LLC where she is Publisher of literary projects for the Black Cotton Publishing division. Her expertise in business and the arts allows her to enjoy consulting for startup businesses and creative projects.

Her robust creative background has made her an astute observer and writer. Her debut novel, Earth’s Quiet Chaos, is a fictional narrative inspired by life experiences. She is spirit-led to share stories that will uplift, empower, educate and inspire individuals to live in the highest version of self.

Tomeekha resides in Los Angeles, California, where she enjoys writing, painting, making happy birthday video's, singing and dancing in the company of family and friends. She has recently begun the study of songwriting and the art of vocal instrumentation.

"We heal ourselves and others by sharing our stories. We are both the educator and the student of everyday life experiences. I simply want to be used as a vessel to inspire and heal as many as I can in this life that is gifted to me."


Janice L. Dennie, Writer & Filmmaker
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Janice L. Dennie is an Bestselling Author and Indie Filmmaker.

Mrs. Dennie’s Underwoods of Napa Valley series, has readers reaching for her books time and again as she delivers entertaining stories featuring tall, dark, handsome heroes and feisty heroines. Mrs. Dennie has thrown her hat into the film industry by making The Underwoods of Napa Valley into a feature-length Indie film.

Born in Denver, Colorado and raised in Northern California, Dennie graduated from California State University, before starting a career with a Federal Agency.

 Kente Productions is an Independent Film Company that develops scripts, handles casting, filming and provides a platform for actors, and film crews to display their talent.  Janice L. Dennie, formed Kente Productions in 2016 to bring her novels to life. Together with Producer, Donyale McCollins, they began planning season one of The Underwoods of Napa Valley, based on Dennie’s bestselling novel, Kenton’s Vintage Affair.

Kente Productions plans to release The Underwoods of Napa Valley in the theatrical market, or as a film produced for television, cable, Internet web-series, Digital HD markets, Blue Ray, DVD, “Made for Pay” motion picture.  The Underwood’s of Napa Valley movie:

The Underwood’s of Napa Valley is a feature-length film about an African American wine-producing family of four brothers and their grandmother who deal with internal conflicts, complicated love relationships, and obstacles in the competitive wine industry–a story that has rarely, if ever, been reflected on film or television.

 The  Underwoods of Napa Valley History

Henrietta and Frank Underwood worked as sharecroppers in Waco, Texas before moving to Napa, California during the Great Migration. They made a modest living growing corn and then in the eighties, switched to growing Cabernet grapes. After opening Underwood Hills Winery, they became independently wealthy. Although Frank has since passed away, Henrietta has turned over the running of the winery to her eldest grandson, Kenton Underwood.  Henrietta’s focus these days, is on marrying off all four of her adult grandchildren to loving spouses, beginning with Kenton. She’s dubbed each one with a character trait.


Sistah’s Place Magazine and Blog
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Letrise Carter is the founder of Sistah’s Place Entertainment Blog and a fierce entrepreneur, freelance writer, and new author. She self-published her first novel Deceitful: Playing with Fire in 2017. She has featured articles published in Caution Magazine, Black Pearls Magazine and in Beautifully Said Magazine.

Sistah’s Place is located in suburbs of Chicago, IL. Sistah’s Place was launched in July, 2014 to be the source of entertainment news for film, television, theater, and publishing. The blog focused on the talented minority men and women following their dreams while inspiring others to take that leap of faith with their dreams. The blog platform started as Sistah’s Blog2 with so many ideas to inspire and share with others that Sistah’s Place Entertainment was birthed from my first blog. The blog sparked the interest of subscribers and followers to want to hear more about indie talent in entertainment.

The purpose of Sistah’s Place blog is to serve as a platform for indie talent/artists, writers, poets and creators. Sistah’s Place gives indie and national artists the opportunity to showcase their gifts, talents, and projects that gives them exposure to new audiences across multiple platforms and countries. Sistah’s Place represents home and being with your own brothers and sisters supporting their dreams and gifts.  Website:   |   Facebook:


Stacy Johnson-Leonard, Mo’Red Production Founder
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Mo'Red Production - Where Creativity and Originality meet Promotion

Stacy Johnson-Leonard is a wife, mother and entrepreneur. Stacy started Mo Red Production in 2006 because she was Momager to her young daughter and music artist Young Star. Stacy’s greatest strengths are her creativity, drive and leadership. She thrives on challenges, and looks forward to prevailing over them.

Before deciding to her work full-time at Mo Red Production, Johnson-Leonard was an avid reader and supporter/friend of several authors. With encouragement from friends, Stacy incorporated author promotions under the umbrella of Mo Red Production. Stacy is a Blog Radio Co-Host at Jones Vlog Spot.

Fast forward to the present; Mo Red Production, is a now a positioning and branding firm that helps authors and business owners increase their sales volume. Stacy Johnson-Leonard is a content marketing professional who is responsible for, increasing client Brand by converting readers, consumers, attracting visitors to website and closing them as customers. In other words, Stacy sees herself as an Industry Liaison because Stacy connects authors to their readers and readers to their authors. Stacy loves promoting author brands and events. Stacy often refers to her books as babies and the autographs of the authors as their birth certificates. Mo Red Production has worked with music artists, Marcus Devine, Tiffany Bryant, Dorrell Mays,Young Star, Dion Black, Branu, and Music and Film executive, Tanya Robinson.

In 2017, Stacy was recognized with the Community Leader Award by Black Pearl Magazine and Tour Coordinator for JL King.  Facebook: