Sweet (HEART) Pleasantries: A Calm Heart Effect, Book Two

This book, “Sweet (Heart) Pleasantries,” is the author’s way of saying by standing or walking in several types of shoes: “When LIFE/LOVE was turned UPSIDE DOWN with heartaches and depression fighting for control, saving grace came through INTENSIVE CARE. Faith, prayer, written and spoken words were useful instruments that enhanced the progression of REHABILITATION.”

Redefining the meaning and use of the PLEASANT WORDS-RESPECT, LOVE-N-HEALTH contributed to a life renewal. Increasing LIFE/LOVE RESPECT RULES resulted in a deeper appreciation of who I loved and who loved me. RIGHT SIDE UP-A GREATER VISIBILITY!!This book’s motto is: “Take authority over, take responsibility for the maintenance work in your LIFE/LOVE by accepting the cost in FULL with no write offs or bankruptcy expectations.”