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Julie Bellatrix and Terri D

Meet Authors Terri D and Julie Bellatrix

Terri Martinez is a blogger and author who writes under the pen name Terri D. She published her debut novel titled Yesterday’s Lies in 2011. Terri has since released four more novels and had a poem published as part of an anthology of poems about love titled Bubblin’ Brown Sugar. Terri published a memoir titled, Passport Wife in 2018. In 2020 she published two journaling books, Journaling for Self-Care for Young Adults and Journaling for Self-Care for Persons in Recovery under the pen name Terri Martinez. Terri is married again since 2017 and has three children and four grandchildren. She is an IT consultant and in June of 2018 Terri started a Non-Profit Organization, A Blessing for You. Her nonprofit provides assistance to expectant and new mothers in need as well as providing training and connecting them to other community resources. Terri is also a trained Chaplain assistant, Certified Recovery Specialist and Certified Life Coach.

Julie Bellatrix was never much of a fan of writing until recently when dealing with a challenging series of circumstances. Having made it through as a much stronger and self-confident woman she desired to write a book that would inspire other women. Love, Lies and Fight is her debut novel which is co-written with author Terri D. Julie cannot thank her enough for mentoring her through this experience since it truly helped her to positively move forward with life.