The Way Eye See It by Antoinette R. Davis

Located in the deep South of Jackson Mississippi there’s a brown skin girl full of bitter and hatred determined to make a difference in a Jim Crow State.

Brandi has just been promoted to co-anchor for WBLT; she’s the first African American anchor for the station however she is meeting opposition when she wants to be radical instead of practical.

Everything Brandi touches seems to go bad including the love of her life Chase Ware because of her prejudices. Brandi is not trying to play by anybody’s rules but her own and if that means she has to sacrifice love, friends, and family she is willing to do that.

Brandi’s father was killed by a white man in the streets of Jackson, Mississippi when she was just five years old; that sparked a fire in her that she can’t let go of. Everywhere she goes trouble seems to follow her because she only sees black or white.

There’s change in her heart when an unexpected hero saves the day and touches her right in the center of her hatred, LOVE ALWAYS WINS.