Forever Beautiful (Generations Book 1) by Suzette Harrison

Welcome to the Generations Series, a collaborative literary endeavor that launches with “Forever Beautiful” and “Wandering Beauty” by Suzette Harrison and Suzette Riddick.

This series features ten interconnected novellas, divided into five sets. Each set pairs one historical fiction novella with a contemporary women’s literature novella, creating a rich tapestry of interwoven narratives. The heroines in both historical and contemporary stories are directly linked, forming a multigenerational saga.

The small, all-Black fictional town of Colemanville, North Carolina is at the heart of these stories. Founded in 1875 on the pillars of Love, Liberty, and Legacy, Colemanville thrives on its rich history, tight-knit community, and enduring spirit. Despite the challenges over the years, its idyllic scenery and small-town charm make it the pride and joy of its residents.

Generations celebrates Black culture, sisterhood, and the remarkable strength of Black women throughout the ages. So, pour yourself a glass of sweet tea, settle in, and let the stories of Colemanville transport you to a place where history and contemporary life beautifully converge. Your journey through the Generations Series awaits.


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Forever Beautiful (Generations Book 1) by Suzette Harrison

Floretta Coleman is young, determined, and gifted. A graduate of Madame C.J. Walker’s esteemed beauty school, Floretta is on the brink of a bright future with plans to explore the world after completing her studies at Oberlin College. Her long-held dreams seem within reach until one telephone call shatters everything. Her mother, Iva Rae Coleman, has died unexpectedly. Devastated, Floretta returns to the small, all-Black town founded by enslaved ancestors to lay her mother to rest and is forced to navigate the complexities of loss and family obligation.

Her younger brothers need her. So does her homeless great Aunt Sis, whose misfortune was caused by a family accident. She must grapple with these responsibilities as well as her parents’ unconventional relationship while being drawn to Packer Sims, a captivating horse rancher and Seminole Indian. Told against the rich tapestry of 1949 in the southern U.S., Floretta’s story is one of identity, self-discovery, and acceptance. Join her journey as Floretta forges a path that is forever beautiful and uniquely her own.

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Wandering Beauty (Generations Book 2) by Suzette Riddick

Jillian Hart has reached her breaking point. Every moment of her day is seemingly consumed catering to her family’s needs and wants as a wife and mother of two. Her only source of solace is the day spa, where she works as a part-time esthetician. Even that is at risk of being taken away by Ivan Hart, Jillian’s demanding husband, and his unrealistic expectations.

When her husband does the unthinkable, Jillian flees with her children to Colemanville, North Carolina to the home of her maternal grandmother, Nana Flo. At her lowest, Jillian must reassess her life and confront the choices that have derailed her dream of owning a day spa specializing in esthetician services.

In Colemanville with Nana Flo’s help, Jillian discovers she and her great-grandmother, Iva Rae Coleman, are kindred spirits after learning intimate details about Iva’s life. With this revelation, she accepts that the crumbling of her marriage was unavoidable to propel her toward her destiny to carry on the Coleman family legacy.

Join the journey of this wandering beauty to see if family secrets, scandals, and her husband’s determination to reconcile will hinder Jillian from fulfilling her destiny.

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About the Co-Authors

Suzette D. Harrison grew up in a home where reading was required, not requested. Turning her love of reading into a rising literary career, Suzette was first published when her poetry was included in a creative journal in middle school. While she loves happy endings, Harrison pens flawed characters in need of redemption, and loves crafting storylines with intricate layers and depth, often leaving readers with unexpected plot twists. The award-winning author is a wife and mother who holds a culinary degree in Pastry & Baking. Suzette is currently cooking up her next novel…in between batches of cookies.


Suzette Riddick is a wife, mother, and nurse practitioner who enjoys writing stories about imperfect people finding perfect love. Black love, sisterhood, and strong family bonds are the heart of her stories. She is an Amazon Best-Selling Author and featured in USA Today ~ Happy Ever After. Suzette, a native of Philadelphia, PA, loves traveling, reading, decorating her planner, and has an addiction to Chanel parfum.