KC Girlfriends Book Club 
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TaNisha Webb is the president of the award winning KC Girlfriends Book Club. TaNisha is also the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Book Club 101 Magazine, founder of Book Club 101 University and author of The Ultimate Book Club Experience: How to Create & Maintain a Successful Book Club.

KC Girlfriends Book Club is located in the Kansas City Metropolitan area. Our book club was established in 2002 by a group of girlfriends that decided to create a book club to discuss their favorite authors’ books. In 2003, our book club dwindled down to two members due to various reasons. The sole original member and I decided to advertise the book club on a local social event calendar and our book club grew from two members to forty-one members within one and one-half years. We are now at a comfortable and dedicated twelve members at this time.


BPM:  In your opinion, what makes a good book conversation?

The first thing that makes a good book discussion is when all of the members have read the entire book. Regardless if the book is good or bad you really can’t have any discussion if no one has read the entire book. Having a group in various age range also helps with having a great discussion because everyone has different prospective versus a group that’s the same age. Coed book clubs probably have better book clubs than same sex book clubs because men will bring an entirely different prospective to a discussion. These particular part of the discussions actually helps book clubs to become like family because we learn more about one another when we discuss our personal experiences. A good facilitator will know when to move the discussion along.   Website: www.kcgirlfriendsbookclub.com