Reap: The Bible Belt Series by Tiffani Quarles Sanders

Reap: The Bible Belt Series by Tiffani Quarles Sanders


Annie Lawson thanked the Lord everyday for the life she and her husband, Sam, had made for themselves as sharecroppers on the Moore plantation. They were even more blessed to raise their granddaughter Liz, a bright, observant, book-loving girl who longed to continue her education past the primary grades.

But when Mary Moore decides she wants Liz to drop out of school and become her private maid, Annie calls on her friends, the Miller siblings, to save Liz without risking eviction for her family.

As they work out a plan to free Liz from Mary Moore’s clutches and secret her off the plantation, the Millers reach deep into the pain of their past, harkening back to the 1870s and confronting the moment when Bill Moore altered their lives forever. As an influential and powerful white man in the Deep South, Bill was never charged for his crimes, leaving the Millers devastated and forever caught in the shadow of his vile act.

Discover how decades of simmering evil come to a boil in Reap, Tiffani Quarles-Sanders’ latest book. For Bill Moore, the lesson is clear: A man will reap what he has sown.

Reap: The Bible Belt Series by Tiffani Quarles Sanders
Genre: African American Historical Fiction


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Known to many for her African American cautionary tales, Tiffani Quarles Sanders, an African American Historical Fiction author was born in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1976.

Growing up in Alabama, she cherished the moments spent listening to her grandparents’ captivating tales about their lives in rural Alabama. Among their stories, she developed a deep affinity for the narratives that delved into the hardships endured by the grandparents of her grandparents, who had once been enslaved.

In 2015, she started her independent publishing company, Hollow Bridge Publishing LLC. With four African American Historical Fiction Books: Unthinkable Sins, Unthinkable Sins 2, Runaway Soul, and Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, she has sold nearly 20,000 books and over 2.1 million reads on Kindle.

Since 2016, her book “Unthinkable Sins” has consistently maintained its position on the top 100 lists for Black and African American Historical Fiction.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education from Alabama State University. In May of this year, she retired from Montgomery Public School System with over 25 years of teaching experience. Twenty-three years ago, she married the love of my life, Christopher. They have two children: Christopher Jr. and Lauren Elizabeth.

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