Ammunition (Clairvoyance – Poetic Vault Series) by Marc Lacy

Ammunition (Clairvoyance – Poetic Vault Series) by Marc Lacy

Ammunition – Poetry that Penetrates the Heart and Mind is a risky title, especially in this controversial day and age. However, it has been said that blessings are in close proximity to curses. And behind the cover, are 77 in-your-face lyrical blessings that give the reader no choice but to buckle up and partake of a heartfelt rhapsodic excursion.

With Ammunition, Lacy’s writing locks the mind in a solitarily confined container of realness and tosses away the key. However, this potent poetic elixir incorporates a nice helping of curveball themes, offbeat titles, and metaphors galore.

See, this is what happens when numerous unreleased poems are just waiting to be launched out of the vault-like eager racehorses in the starting stalls of a high-stakes derby. And it just so happens that Ammunition is one of the landing spots for the poetic content of Marc Lacy’s poetry vault.

The vault contained poetic works that were decades old. But this book is a combination of those historical pieces as well as a few new ones too. So, with an open heart and mind, Ammunition is guaranteed never to miss its figurative target, for it will take the reader directly to the bullseye.

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Beatific Ambrosia (Clairvoyance – Poetic Vault Series) by Marc Lacy

Beatific Ambrosia (Clairvoyance – Poetic Vault Series) by Marc Lacy

Beatific Ambrosia, Love Poetry that Baptizes You into a Paradigm of Euphoria, makes appreciating sensual writing that much easier. Just look at those beautiful models on the cover. Their essence is represented to a tee within the poetry that resides in this book.

Beatific Ambrosia talks about numerous issues surrounding the subject of love. The intended purpose of the poetry is to get the reader deep into their feelings and pull them into an introspective phase. While in this phase, the reader has the perfect opportunity to assess their own love life and situations in which the heart was prompted to make a decision.

This book contains 85 separate pieces of sensual poetic artwork that break down the good, bad, and ugly when it comes to matters of the heart.

Marc Lacy’s poetry vault was bursting at the seams with love poetry and Beatific Ambrosia gives many of those pieces a loving home. Once the cover is cracked, the reader is welcomed into the love house full of love poetry.


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Call Us What We Carry: Poems by Amanda Gorman

Call Us What We Carry: Poems by Amanda Gorman

#1 New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestseller


The breakout poetry collection by #1 New York Times bestselling author and presidential inaugural poet Amanda Gorman


Formerly titled The Hill We Climb and Other Poems, the luminous poetry collection by #1 New York Times bestselling author and presidential inaugural poet Amanda Gorman captures a shipwrecked moment in time and transforms it into a lyric of hope and healing. In Call Us What We Carry, Gorman explores history, language, identity, and erasure through an imaginative and intimate collage.


Harnessing the collective grief of a global pandemic, this beautifully designed volume features poems in many inventive styles and structures and shines a light on a moment of reckoning. Call Us What We Carry reveals that Gorman has become our messenger from the past, our voice for the future.


Clairvoyance – Poetic Vault Series (7 books) by Marc Lacy

Clairvoyance – Poetic Vault Series (7 books) by Marc Lacy

Clairvoyance – Insightful Lyrical Musings from the Poetic Vault Series. Clairvoyance is a collection of poetic works from speaker, writer, and producer, Marc Lacy. This publication is what Lacy is deeming the “ultimate discernment” of his deepest thoughts and contemplations. Clairvoyance is comprised of over 500 previously unreleased poems from Lacy’s sacred vault. These poetic gems are contained within 5 books, plus 2 bonus books of love poetry for a total of 7. The books are Crescendo Ammunition Expose Requiem Geometry With 2 Bonus Love Poetry Books: Beatific Ambrosia Enraptured Felicity.


Books Included:
Beatific Ambrosia
Enraptured Felicity

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Crescendo (Clairvoyance – Poetic Vault Series) by Marc Lacy

Crescendo (Clairvoyance – Poetic Vault Series) by Marc Lacy

Crescendo – Lyrics that Make You Reach Your Poetic Peak is a piece of poetic art that has been carefully crafted to tickle the reader’s lyrical fancy. Words jump off the page and mercilessly block the reader’s peripheral vision so that they have no choice but to be laser-focused on the flow directly in front of them.

Often time the poetry requires reading twice simply because the question will be spawned to the tune of, “Did he really say that?”

Crescendo is one of seven poetry books whose contents have been supplied mostly by the remaining poetry within Marc Lacy’s vault. It entails previously unreleased poems as well as a few newer ones.

The reader will certainly be able to tell the distinct difference between Lacy’s writing of the old and the style of the present day.

With a wide range of subject matter, this literary work comprised of 77 original poems, is sure to challenge the reader to look at life situations from multiple perspectives. Crescendo is all about mental elevation, colorful takes, and a serious stirring of the soul.

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Curse of the Whiskey House: When Life is the Principle and Death is the Practice (Whiskey House Trilogy Book 1) by Marc Lacy

Curse of the Whiskey House: When Life is the Principle and Death is the Practice (Whiskey House Trilogy Book 1) by Marc Lacy


An Intriguing Tale of Heritage, Treachery, and Redemption in the Heart of Hawthorne County

In the small yet historically significant city of Lazarus, nestled within the Bible Belt of Hawthorne County, Alabama, a captivating story unfolds. Marc Lacy’s riveting novel, “Curse of the Whiskey House,” takes readers on a journey through the tangled web of heritage, history, religion, and the enigmatic allure of whiskey. As the first installment of “The Whiskey House Trilogy,” this tale weaves together intricate characters and an atmospheric backdrop to explore the profound impact of choices and the weight of curses.

At the center of this narrative stands Lazarus, a city once renowned for being a sanctuary for Buffalo Soldiers, now forever intertwined with its thriving whiskey industry. The dichotomy between the celebrated Hawthorne County Whiskey Stop and its sinister counterpart, the Hawthorne County Whiskey House, sets the stage for a gripping exploration of good and evil. Samuel Justice, the esteemed Mayor of Lazarus, holds secrets aplenty, and the whiskey house’s malevolent influence casts a shadow over the entire community.

Reverend Jackson Jones, the spiritual leader of the Central Baptist Church, finds himself paradoxically connected to the whiskey house’s disturbing legacy. Whispers of a curse haunt the city, as unease and apprehension envelop the lives of its inhabitants. An old adage rings true: “Once you enter the whiskey house, if you should ever come out, your life goes south.” A foreboding prophecy looms, yet remains shrouded in silence, waiting for a reckoning.

Detective Brock Taylor emerges as the city’s beacon of hope, tasked with unraveling the mysteries and confronting the curse head-on. Can he break the chains of darkness and restore hope to lives scarred by the whiskey house’s maleficence? Or will he, too, become ensnared by its vengeful grasp? In a place where the supernatural meets the tangible, salvation and destruction hang in the balance, challenging the very fabric of faith and courage.

“Curse of the Whiskey House” is the inception of a trilogy that promises an electrifying saga. With “Viral Xgressions” and “The Ghost of Ace Honeycutt” to follow, Marc Lacy crafts a thought-provoking narrative that delves deep into societal issues, interlacing them with a diverse cast of characters and rich backstory. The anticipation surrounding this trilogy has been building for three years, and readers can expect a series of gripping page-turners that provoke introspection.

Lacy poses a question that resonates far beyond the confines of fiction: When faced with moral dilemmas and community injustices, do we dare to intervene? In a world where victims often suffer in silence and witnesses hesitate to act, the story challenges us to reconsider our role. As events unfold in Hawthorne County, readers are prompted to examine their own capacity for courage and sacrifice, urging us to transcend fear in the face of malevolence.

Prepare to be captivated by Marc Lacy’s “Curse of the Whiskey House.” Step into a world where heritage, darkness, and redemption converge, and where the boundaries between good and evil blur. Welcome to Hawthorne County, where the spirits of the past and the choices of the present collide in a battle for the city’s very soul.

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Enraptured Felicity (Clairvoyance – Poetic Vault Series)

Enraptured Felicity (Clairvoyance – Poetic Vault Series)

Enraptured Felicity, Love Poetry that Casts You into a Hypnotic Lyrical Trance, is a love poetry book that gives the reader a free pass to their heart’s amusement park so that they may get the thrill of their life on the rollercoaster of love.

Just like the sexy models on the cover, the poetry has an alluring glow that gains and maintains the reader’s attention. It’s like a foreplay session with a certain edginess to it that rubs the curiosity like a masseuse, and then the reader finds themselves right in the middle of a fantastical experience whereby literary ecstasy takes complete control.

Enraptured Felicity contains 86 private sessions in which the reader can experience lyrical love thirsts being quenched as well as poetic fixes being granted. With so much love poetry populating Marc Lacy’s vault, Enraptured Felicity is the perfect vessel through which love messaging can be channeled. Not only will this collection of poetry seduce the reader into giving up their precious attention; but it will lure them right to the edge and bam, hit them with a serious love message.


Enraptured Felicity (Clairvoyance – Poetic Vault Series)
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Exposé (Clairvoyance – Poetic Vault Series) by Marc Lacy

Exposé (Clairvoyance – Poetic Vault Series) by Marc Lacy

Exposé, Poetical Revelations that Enlighten the Mind, dares the reader to place themselves within each line and follow every syllable to see where it leads them. When the reader thinks of everything going on in the world today, they’re going to be able to draw a parallel to each poem written in this book.

Not that Exposé is anywhere comparable to the Book of Revelations in the Bible, but it definitely is a relatable tool when analyzing the world today. And it’s not just a few pieces, it’s a total of 80 cerebral hot yoga-inducing lyrical lessons.

With the cardio-like experience that the mind gains when partaking of Exposé, the reader will feel as if unnecessary fat and baggage are being burned away from their thoughts.

Marc Lacy’s poetry vault contains a variety of flavors and those which have been sprinkled within the pages of this book are certainly seasoned to please the reader’s rhythmic taste buds.

Exposé will not solve life’s problems, but the enlightenment gained from the contents will ensure that hope is always retained.

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Four Seasons of Love by Patricia A. Saunders

From Award Winning Author of There Is Sunshine After The Rain, the author has written her latest book of poetry that is organized into four chapters that compare to the four seasons. The poetry spans all the emotions that both men and women go through from being smitten, falling in and out of love, and grief of losing the love.

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About the Author

Patricia A. Saunders was born and raised in Connecticut before relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area nearly 27 years ago. She received her Master’s in Management from the University of Phoenix in 2011.

Patricia’s work has been featured on a Coast to Coast Book Tour at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, Toronto Word On The Street, Sacramento Black Book Fair, Tucson Book Festival, Miami International Festival of Books and AARP Life@50+ Spring Convention.

Recently she was chosen among 100 authors from around the United States to participate in the Author’s Pavilion at the 2018 Congressional Black Caucus Convention in Washington, DC.

Her latest book, Four Seasons of Love, covers all aspect of love broken into four chapters relate to the four seasons.

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Geometry (Clairvoyance – Poetic Vault Series) by Marc Lacy

Geometry (Clairvoyance – Poetic Vault Series) by Marc Lacy

Geometry—Poetry that Covers All Angles is an ensemble of lyrical gems that basically produce what the title says… poetry from all angles. Geometry provides the reader with the pleasure of viewing some of the simplest and most complicated things in life, from several vantage points.

Sometimes a firmer understanding is developed when art is applied to unique angles. The mental digestive process is made easier when words are packaged together to form a pleasant flow of euphoria.

Geometry also features two chapters of brilliantly written odes to famous people, places, and things. Homage is paid to the best and greatest in the most colorful of fashions.

Author Marc Lacy opened his poetic vault, turned it upside down, and shook it. Geometry just happens to be one of the many landing spots for the highly anticipated poetry from the vault.

Although Geometry will not assist the reader in solving the Quadratic Equation, it will definitely help to understand life in general, regardless of the degrees of angles with which challenges occur.

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I Spat: Poems Inspired by God’s Grace and Mercy by Stephanie R. Bridges

I SPaT: In Spirit Power and Truth, takes you on one woman’s triumphant journey to spiritual wholeness.

Author and Poet Stephanie R. Bridges introduces the idea that struggles with addictive behavior, which she continues to deal with, should never be reviled, but instead embraced as a call from God. Addiction is an illness that only He can heal, and oftentimes it is the only bridge that we will take to true salvation.

Stephanie is refreshingly honest and often unavoidably raw in her poetic commentary on subjects such as fornication, abortion, adultery, and incarceration.

Every poem that stems from her personal story is accompanied by scriptures that remind us that no matter where we are in life, God is right there with us In Spirit Power and Truth.


About the Author




Light in the Darkness by Adrianne C. Jones

Be captivated by a compilation of poems for those difficult times. Be an over-comer and hold onto faith in the midst of every storm. Adrianne Jones shares with her readers these original pieces that helped keep her encouraged and lifted during her darkest hours.

Book Genre: Poetry

Primary Subject matter: Poems & affirmations.
Audience: Christian men and women. Individuals going through depression, grievance, and young black women.


About the Author

Adrianne Jones, born and raised in Oceanside, CA. in a loving two-parent home. But unfortunately, for Adrianne, both of her parents passed away within months of one another. The death of her parents sent Adrianne on a downward spiral which landed her in a dark place. With no one to turn to for guidance, depression began to set in. After several years of trials and tribulations, Adrianne turned to her faith for some clarity and began writing poems.

It was during this time that Adrianne began to see the light that led her from the darkness. Currently, Adrianne is raising her 7-year-old daughter while building her Fearless Faith brand. Her book of poems titled Light in the Darkness is available on Amazon Kindle as well as her website,



ReQuiem (Clairvoyance – Poetic Vault Series) by Marc Lacy

ReQuiem: Poetic Canticles Producing Personal Revivals offers a creative hardline approach to everyday and ordinary life situations that people may endure from time to time.

Although it tends to pull no punches in the aims of the poetry, it can easily be deemed a sweet escape from the harsh conclusions that life can sometimes present. Lacy journeys to the edges of the creative window with which God has blessed him and creates a figurative-looking glass through which the reader can gaze intensely at the messages.

Once the eyes zero in on the stanzas, the rhythm of the rhymes are locked into a sequence of beats like a metronome. In essence, the flow is so silky that no head will go unbobbed.

ReQuiem provides the reader with 73 opportunities to catch the flow, feel the vibes, and get moved to a higher version of self through the lyrics. This particular collection is a beneficiary of Marc Lacy’s timeless vault of poetic secrets. He reached way back in the stash to pull pieces that have been highly anticipated. But alas, there are also a few new pieces and yes, one will also be able to tell them apart based on the writing style.

ReQuiem is like a rent-a-car, once you pick it up, it can take you anywhere you want to go…that is…if you stay focused on the smooth highway of pages that awaits you. Check out the entire Poetic Vault Series –


There Is Sunshine After the Rain Making It Through Life’s Struggles by Patricia A. Saunders

There Is Sunshine After the Rain Making It Through Life’s Struggles by Patricia A. Saunders 
Sitting there with the pieces of your life around you, there seemed to be a pattern. There was faith, love, deceit, lust, and loss—in that order. You didn’t think you were deserving of love. That is why everything was being taken from you, and you were ready to give up on life. Through your poetry, faith, and learning from your past, you can rewrite the story. It was after coming through all the experiences and being stronger, you realized there is always a new chapter.

There Is Sunshine After the Rain: Making It Through Life’s Struggles will take you on the journey of a young girl growing up in Connecticut, who had to take some stumbles along the way to come into her own and realize instead of tearing herself down for the decisions she made, there is a lesson. Love is greater than anyone can imagine and can warm you like the sunshine after the rain. You went from the beginning, the journey, the test, and the testimony to say, “There Is Sunshine after the Rain.”


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There Is Sunshine After The Rain by Patricia A. Saunders
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This Too Shall Pass by Patricia A. Saunders
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Viral Xgressions: Tainted Souls, Hacked Spirits, Wretched Deals, and Flatlines (Whiskey House Trilogy Book 2) by Marc Lacy

Viral Xgressions: Tainted Souls, Hacked Spirits, Wretched Deals, and Flatlines (Whiskey House Trilogy Book 2) by Marc Lacy

The Unraveling Saga Continues in the Heart of Lazarus, Alabama

Viral Xgressions (pronounced transgressions ) is the second book of the Whiskey House Trilogy whose first book, Curse of the Whiskey House set the tone of the trilogy with a thunderous boom. Viral Xgressions picks right up where its predecessor left off with non-stop action, front-to-back drama, and edge-of-your-seat anticipation of what’s taking place on the next page.

At what point do you say enough is enough and forget about friendships, relationships, and perceptions, especially if they are impeding the path of justice?


Welcome back to Hawthorne County!

In the riveting sequel to “Curse of the Whiskey House,” author Marc Lacy delves even deeper into the enigmatic city of Lazarus, Alabama, where darkness and turmoil seem to have taken root. “Viral Xgressions” continues the gripping narrative of the Whiskey House Trilogy, propelling readers on a rollercoaster of suspense, moral reckoning, and unyielding determination.

As the story unfolds, the once-peaceful city of Lazarus grapples with the aftermath of the cataclysmic events at the Hawthorne County Whiskey House. The community finds itself at the crossroads of despair and desperation, its wounds still fresh, its spirit battered. In the midst of this turmoil, questions arise, reverberating through the streets: Can redemption be found in a place marred by violence and tainted souls? Can the city’s wounds heal in the face of unprecedented challenges?

The Lazarus Police Department and Hawthorne County Sheriff’s Office stand as guardians of the city, burdened by the weight of their recent trials. False prophets and violent deaths have shaken the very foundation of law and order, leaving scars that run deep. The truth has been exposed: The curse surrounding the whiskey house is no mere legend. The price of entry is high – a life forever changed, a spirit irrevocably altered.

As the narrative unfurls, “Viral Xgressions” draws readers into the heart of Lazarus, where the aftermath of spring’s turmoil continues to cast a long shadow. The scars, both seen and unseen, have left an indelible mark on the community. With budget constraints, leadership vacuums, and wounds that refuse to heal, Lazarus faces an uncertain future.

In an era of viral phenomena, the city grapples not only with physical wounds but also with the insidious spread of transgressions that threaten to engulf its spirit. “Viral Xgressions” delves into the concept of transgressions as an infectious force, exploring the impact of malevolence that spreads like an incurable virus.

With relentless action and heart-stopping drama, “Viral Xgressions” takes readers on a pulse-pounding journey. The suspenseful narrative picks up seamlessly where its predecessor left off, plunging readers into a world of high-stakes choices and unwavering pursuit of justice. As Lazarus stands on the precipice of its own destiny, readers are forced to confront a challenging question: When do friendships, relationships, and perceptions become impediments to the pursuit of truth and justice?

Marc Lacy’s “Viral Xgressions” is an electrifying testament to the power of storytelling, weaving a tapestry of suspense, redemption, and resilience. As the saga continues, the boundaries between light and darkness blur and Lazarus’s fate hangs in the balance. Welcome back to Hawthorne County, where the battle for the city’s soul wages on, and the echoes of the past reverberate through every choice made in the present.

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Wild Hearts, Peaceful Soul: Poems & Inspiration to Live and Love Harmoniously

Wild Hearts, Peaceful Soul: Poems & Inspiration to Live and Love Harmoniously by J. Autherine

J. Autherine’s inaugural collection of poems and inspiration is a love offering to strong, vulnerable, badass women who lead with their hearts, love deeply and sometimes fall hard.  Wild Heart, Peaceful Soul is a deep, gritty, raw look at the thrill of loving unconditionally, as well as the mental and physical toll that it takes when peace and harmony are lost in the process.

The author draws inspirations from her own journey spanning 30 years, and also dives deeply into the vulnerable hearts of women globally, including her experience growing up in Jamaica. She captures the pain and struggle of women who love deeply and pour into others without first filling their own jars.

A reoccurring theme is reclaiming your heart in order to live and love harmoniously.  Chapter 1, Wild Heart, takes the reader on a journey of self discovery — being an empath in a sometimes harsh world, feeling broken after losing love, not feeling good enough to be loved, facing rejection and abandonment, and navigating life with a heart that just wants to love unconditionally.

The second chapter, Peaceful Soul, is an empowering meditation on the peace that comes with reclaiming your heart — finding strength in the love and support of sister friends, practicing self-love while responsibly loving others, and finding joy in loving those that are worthy of our love.

Wild Heart, Peaceful Soul is a patchwork of vulnerability, truth and empowerment for everyone who loves deeply.

Wild Hearts, Peaceful Soul: Poems & Inspiration to Live and Love Harmoniously is a 170-page book that reminds us that moments of despair and heartache are a normal part of life’s journey but are also only temporary.


About the Author:
Janet Autherine is the founder of Autherine Publishing and author of Wild Heart, Peaceful Soul: Poems & Inspiration to Live and Love Harmoniously. Born in St. Thomas, Jamaica, she moved to the United States at age 12, settling in Philadelphia.

Janet is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University, Boston College Law School, and the Georgetown University School of Law. Her poetry is inspired by her own journey of the past 30 years, and also explores the hearts of women from around the world. She hopes that her poetry collection resonates with women globally, and becomes a catalyst for healing and empowerment. For more details, visit her official web site at