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Pearl Page: Audio Postcards – Share a reading from your book with our 165,000 readers across all social media platforms. We will create a mini landing page with your book details, author’s interview and audio book preview. The pages are promoted to millions of readers via social media.

Pearl Pages are emailed to more than 165,000 readers of the EDC Creations newsletter, played on BAN Radio Show 3 times in 3 months and promoted via our mobile bookclub. View here.  What a way to share your audio-visual introduction with readers!

What EDC Creations Offer Authors & Business Owners

EDC Creations is a virtual public relations firm dedicated to providing incomparable professional book promotion services, while partnering with our clients to help sustain their competitive edge, increase their visibility and build their brand. We have provided premier book publicity, marketing and promotion services to small business owners, authors and publishers as well as outstanding public relations services for entrepreneurs, non-profits, event planners, radio hosts and other publishing professionals.

There are thousands of book released each year. In order for an author to rise above the competition, an author must develop its brand and platform, then deliver that message with great decorum to the public in a way in which it resonates; add value to their lives, while developing a lasting, positive relationship with the reading public and publishing leaders.  


Pearl Pages are designed to take readers inside your world. You will draw more readers to you—if you can uplift them, move their spirit and share a little bit of you, in your presentations. Make your audio presentation memorable by speaking directly to an individual reader and not to a list of people. Keep it intimate and personal!

Authors read live from your books and record it!
Call this number to record (201) 283-9143 PIN: 158-535-351#
To record a personal audio, select option (1) when prompted.

Practice or plan what you want to say before recording. Record your podcast now.

  1. Only record 10 minutes of audio. Press (# Key) to STOP recording.
  2. Leave your book or poem title at the start and end, also your name and website address.
  3. If you mess up and want to re-record the reading, immediately press (#KEY) and follow the prompts.


Create a dramatic reading by acting out a scene from the book. Do not mention any dates and do not start with Good Morning or Good Evening. Tell the readers what makes this book special!

Create a special recording stating who you are, name of your book, how to purchase your book, book details, and what the book is about. Bring at least 1-3 characters to life in this recording. Read it very lively.

Ask several questions at the end of this recording to make the audience want to read your book. At the very end tell the readers your website address and how to purchase the book again. This is a book introduction for eblasts too.

Here is a sample script for a 10-15 minute book commercial:

My name is _ and I’m the author of ______. Introduce your book (name your three main characters or the primary subject of your book)

Introduce your storyline and tell the readers the most stimulating facts about the book and the characters. Mention all of your talking points.

Set up the scene for the section or excerpt you are going to read from. Give the chapter title and the background leading up to this scene.

Read from your book and really try to bring the characters to life. End the recording with a message to the readers, your name again, genre of the book, website address and your bookseller.

Material Needed for ALL Packages

Here is a list of the materials needed to launch your book. Email the material to this email account: ONLY.

Submit all material in the body of ONE email. All information must be in copy & paste format. Please make sure your information is correct before sending. No refunds after the promotion has started. No revisions once this has been posted to the Internet. Please take your time, edit well and spell check the final submission.

Obtain legal permission from your publisher to use all images, book reviews, book excerpts and audio snippets. The author is responsible for acquiring the permissions BEFORE submitting to us. We are NOT responsible for any copyright infringement claims!

Preparing to promote your new book, product or service, I will need the following information:

— Date the book releases to the public
— Cell phone number for BAN radio interview
— Biography in 3rd person in 200 words or less
— Website address, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter info
— Title of Book, Genre and Author’s Pen Name
— Book synopsis and any book reviews
— Chapter excerpt from the book in 600-900 words or less
— Chapter excerpt must be in copy & paste form
— Completed Black Pearls Magazine written interview
— Link to one bookseller website or the Amazon page
— High resolution head-shot at least 800 x 800 pixels and 300 dpi
— High resolution book cover image size: 700 x 1,000 pixels
— Link to publisher’s website and all social media pages

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July 11, 2019

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July 11, 2019