KC Girlfriends Book Club 
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TaNisha Webb is the president of the award winning KC Girlfriends Book Club. TaNisha is also the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Book Club 101 Magazine, founder of Book Club 101 University and author of The Ultimate Book Club Experience: How to Create & Maintain a Successful Book Club.

KC Girlfriends Book Club is located in the Kansas City Metropolitan area. Our book club was established in 2002 by a group of girlfriends that decided to create a book club to discuss their favorite authors’ books. In 2003, our book club dwindled down to two members due to various reasons. The sole original member and I decided to advertise the book club on a local social event calendar and our book club grew from two members to forty-one members within one and one-half years. We are now at a comfortable and dedicated twelve members at this time.


BPM:  In your opinion, what makes a good book conversation?

The first thing that makes a good book discussion is when all of the members have read the entire book. Regardless if the book is good or bad you really can’t have any discussion if no one has read the entire book. Having a group in various age range also helps with having a great discussion because everyone has different prospective versus a group that’s the same age. Coed book clubs probably have better book clubs than same sex book clubs because men will bring an entirely different prospective to a discussion. These particular part of the discussions actually helps book clubs to become like family because we learn more about one another when we discuss our personal experiences. A good facilitator will know when to move the discussion along.   Website: www.kcgirlfriendsbookclub.com


Lines that Bind Book Club, Atlanta
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Lines that Bind Book Club, based in Atlanta, GA, was established in February 2017. The group is comprised of 5 Grown Women who have chosen to remain small for the purpose of having deep, intellectually stimulating conversations that thoroughly dissect their monthly reads on various levels. Each member is an avid reader with a strong passion for a great read. For them, the best works are those that leave them hungry for the next book.

Lines that Bind Book Club originated with 3 young ladies who would discuss books in such detail during their leisure time that the idea for a book club was inevitable. Joined with an additional 3 members, Lines that Bind was formed to bond and interact on a Grown Woman’s level with a maturity that leaves the meeting refreshed and not drained. The interactions with these ladies is enlightening, they draw strength one from another from the wisdom that is embodied in them individually and collectively.

Our president, Melesia Tillman brings a thirst of reading with the perspective of reality, Ziyesha Kehinde is filled with an understanding approach of reason, Shy Armstrong is our no holds barred, abrupt and to the point perspective, Antanya Chung is not only inspirational but highly intelligent in her thought process of how and why things occur in the manner that they do and Norlita Brown enlightens the group with interesting perspectives from that of an author who is also an avid reader. With each meeting we evolve, we grow, we bond.

The purpose of our group is to come together and share not only opinions, but experiences, failures, skills, joy, pain and laughter. Lines That Bind, while a social outlet, is also a group that hopes to make a difference in each other’s lives, their family and community. What really makes us unique is the personality that each member brings to the group; to include the realist, inspiration, pessimist, optimist and the visionary. These temperaments bring about hearty discussions and passionate dialogue that we all enjoy and look forward to.

The focus of the group has been to gain understanding from the author’s writing that can be applicable to everyday life – some of which has brought forth an enriched knowledge and some has given delightful entertainment.


Prominent Women of Color
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Prominent Women of Color is a group of women dedicated to the exploration of collected written works in all platforms. This a collection of eclectic perspectives dedicated in enhancing the minds of its members and others in the intricate world of literature. PWOC is well versed and well-traveled in all manner of the written word and that devotion is shown in this delicate array of women who make up this sisterhood.

PWOC is located in Jacksonville, FL and St Mary’s GA. And was formed in 1999 and we currently have 14 members. The purpose of PWOC is to enrich and enhance our knowledge through our love for reading and encourage one another through fellowship. We promote literacy in every way possible.

BPM: How do you make your book selection?

Our BOM (Book of the Month) is chosen by our hostess for that month based on the theme for that month. Yes, several members do read other books and they are shared throughout the month with others in the group. We share our BOM on Social Media monthly and a picture of the current hostess with their chosen book and/or author. We also often Skype with various authors when we have chosen to read their book for that month.BPM:

BPM: Do you read books by authors of color only? What genre does the group prefer?

The majority of the books we read are from authors of color. We do support various self-published authors and often borrow books form the local library. The majority of our members have e-readers, but some still prefer hard copy books. We read books of all genres, we have member that prefer romance, Sci-Fi, murder mystery and others who prefer urban lit and biography. So as you can see, we dabble in all types of genres.

BPM: How do you feel about attending book signings, literary festivals and events? 

When we hear about a book signing, or literary event we are ecstatic. If it is within a 2 hour driving distance, we are there supporting the author, (we call these Road Trips) We also as a group try to attend most of the literary festivals and events such as Romance Slam Jam, National Book Club Conference, and authors sponsored cruises. These are the things we plan for throughout the year.


Victorious Ladies Reading Book Club
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Michelle Chavis is a native of Brooklyn, New York and now lives in Creedmoor, North Carolina. Michelle Chavis is the President of Victorious Ladies Reading Book Club. When she started reading novels it gave her a peace of mind and helped her relax. She has encouraged and helped others to also fall in love with reading. Recently Michelle has become a Total Life Changes (TLC) Representative. Her genuine, honest spirit allows people to feel comfortable talking her about anything. She has also been called a “Life Coach”. She is very passionate about helping people find their true purpose and becoming their best.

Victorious Ladies Reading is located in the Raleigh/Durham North Carolina area. God gave Lacha Mitchell the vision to start the book club, through that vision we started the Victorious Ladies Reading Book Club. We currently have 10 members. We are group of  beautiful women, of all personalities, that mesh well together.

BPM: How do you make your book selections for the month? 

When I first joined the group the President and Vice President alternated months and picked the books, we now take suggestions from the members. Yes we have read other books that was not the book of the month and had a call to discuss the book. We may post book covers and suggestions on our own Facebook post and share them.

BPM: Do you prefer to read books by authors of color? Do you borrow books from the library?

Yes, I prefer to read books by authors of color, but I will read others also. Yes, I support self published authors and I also borrow books from the library. To add to that, I give the library a list of AA authors and their books every quarter for them to add to their selection.

BPM: Do you have any words of wisdom for other readers starting a book club?

Communication is the key to every relationship, when you have that you will have a successful book club. Be passionate about your membership, participate as much as you can.


EyeCU Reading & Social Network
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A Detroit native, Ebony Evans has always had a knack for creating and implementing exciting out-of-the-box ideas. Quite the event planner, she has embarked upon many different endeavors; be it a shopping trip to the Big Apple, photo shoots of all kinds, pole parties or giving her time to charities near and dear, Ebony was and is doing it! Ebony Evans, EyeCU Reading & Social Network founder is an enthusiastic reader and self-proclaimed “book nerd” at heart!

EyeCU Reading & Social Network, is a combination of yet another creative idea, fused with one of Ebony’s dynamic passions…reading. She and a host of friends together developed this idea into a reality. Life has taught Ebony the value of surrounding herself with a close-knit circle of like-minded supportive friends, with whom she reciprocates compassion and that same support.

EyeCU Reading & Social Network is made up President Ebony, Secretary Samara, Treasurer Bayyinah and members Chineda, Monique, Rhena, Satanya, Stacye, Tamara and Tina.

BPM: What is the purpose for your organization?

The purpose of EyeCU Reading & Social Network is to promote literacy in the African American community with an emphasis on African American women. To support primarily, but not exclusively, the works of African American authors. To encourage community involvement through charitable endeavors, support and motivation. Our club was born from the vision of providing an avenue for women to fellowship with a primary focus on reading thought provoking books, networking with other book clubs, attending literary events and meeting fascinating authors. We also want to show our beauty and boldness in all that we do!

BPM: Do you support self-published authors?

Yes! We absolutely support self-published authors. Book club member Stacye Lewis aka Kaylynn Hunt is a talented self-published author of several books. Ebony is on the cover of two of her books, “Love With A Vengeance” and “Catching Dreams.” Not all talented authors have a big house book deal so we definitely support and acknowledge authors both small and large.

BPM: What genre/types of books do you prefer to read?

We pretty much read it all! From Christian based to the most erotic and everything in between. The diversity of our group and our variety of interests leads us to open our minds to literature of all kinds.

BPM: Have the types of books changed over time?

As our group, matures, it seems that yes, the types of books have changed over time. While we started out reading lots of urban fiction, we’ve evolved to reading pretty much everything! We’ve even indulged in and enjoyed Sci-Fi; a genre that wasn’t even on our radar at first.

Sistah Minds In Motion Book Club
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I'm Bobbi Ramey Founder and President of Sistah Minds In Motion Book Club (SMM).  Sistah Minds In Motions Book Club (SMM) was established in November, 2009 by Bobbi Ramey. The first official book club meeting took place on January 16, 2010. Bobbi Ramey is an avid inspirational reader happily married with two children. Her idea was to bring together a diverse group of women who enjoy reading and to bond spiritually. She asked her family and friends if they would be interested in joining and the rest is history! SMM was born! SMM is a small African American book club and social organization for positive, spiritual women who enjoy reading.  Sistah Minds In Motion Book Club  currently has ten members.

The purpose of Sistah Minds In Motion Book Club (SMM) is to advocate sisterhood and share our love for reading with others. To advocate literacy throughout our community with volunteer efforts, to have women contributing to a collection of wisdom with an environment of lively discussions and to build lifelong friendships, to fellowship and host monthly meetings in order to share ideas and dialogue about a variety of books and finally to build strategic relationships, advocate book clubs, African American authors and other literary organizations and events.

BPM: How do you make your book selections for the  month?

Each member is unique and has the opportunity to choose a book and location once a month. Yes we do discuss other books outside of the book if the month. Yes, SMM posts monthly on Facebook & Twitter for the book of the month.

BPM: Do you prefer to read books by authors of color? Do you borrow books from the library?

Yes, SMM enjoys reading selections by authors of color. Yes, SMM support self-published authors. No, SMM will mostly purchase each book of the month.

BPM: What genre/types of books do you prefer to read as a group?

SMM reads all genres to include Christian fiction, non-fiction, fiction, inspirational, romance and a wide variety of other topics chosen by our members. No, the types of books have not changed over time.  SMM writes reviews on Amazon.com. SMM really does not write bad reviews, like my mother always said, if you cannot say anything good, do not say nothing at all!